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5 Key Skills/Strengths for Basketball

For me basketball is a very simple game built on 5 key skills/strengths:

Ball Handling




Mental Toughness/Decision Making

If we can handle the basketball under pressure, then the coach can trust us with the ball in critical situations.

If we can defend our position the coach can trust us to stop our opponent from scoring.

If we box out and rebound and gain extra possessions for our team the coach will call on us.

If we can play the entire game, if needed, without getting tired our coach will look to us.

If we are mentally tough and make smart decisions on the court the coach will call on us.

All these skills are within our power to gain. There is No mystery, no magic, no extraordinary steps that are required. Good old fashion Want To and the willingness to work for it is all that is needed. If WE Want To, WE Will Do It!

Coach Angel Saddler

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