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Elevate Your Mental Game with Basics & Basketball LLC ®

Frustrated! Disappointed! You practice and practice but are not achieving your goals. You know you can do better but you are stuck in the same place day after day.  Let me help you move forward. By partnering together we can create solutions that work for you. Basketball is not just about the skills to perform. It is also about how to use the skills and when to use the skills. For example when to use a crossover dribble or retreat dribble to evade the defender. Contact me and lets get started on achieving your goals!



Setting goals is one thing. Achieving your goals? That is a whole other obstacle—and one that requires a strong mind, heart, and body. Luckily, we are here to help.


If you are looking for help achieving your athletic goals, we invite you to contact the much celebrated Basics & Basketball, LLC. Founded by a championship coach with decades of accolades to their name, we are to assist you.


Together we will set your goals, visualize your victories, and strengthen your spirit. Get started today on your journey. 


What Is Mental Skills Training?


At Basics & Basketballs, we are all about incorporating the fundamentals into an athlete’s routine. While we do take a customized approach to basketball training and coaching, we always make sure to incorporate the tenets of mental skills training into their regimen.

Mental skills refer to the psychological processes that can improve or impede an athlete’s game. From concentration to body language and self-talk, these processes have a dramatic effect on a player whether they realize it or not. We help our athletes master these processes and wield them to their benefit.


 Some of what we cover during your sessions includes:

  • Self-confidence

  • Positive visualization

  • Healthy approaches to competition

  • Error management

  • Concentration and steady attention

  • Short-term and long-term goal setting


Be the Best Player You Can Be


There is more to being a great athlete than simply staying focused on the court. To excel in a healthy and rewarding manner, one must learn to manage their off-court issues as well as those they encounter during a game.


We help our clients unlock untapped reserves of inner and psychological strength. These psychological skills won’t just impact your athletic prowess—more than that, they’ll drastically improve your everyday life.


High-performance competitors face many challenges on and off the court. The pressures that come with constant training and day-to-day living can sometimes throw athletes off track. With us by your side, you’ll remain motivated, healthy, and in charge of your destiny.

Learn from a Championship Coach


We apply all the wisdom gained from experience to mental skills training. Our founder, Angel Saddler, is a USA Basketball Gold License coach with over twenty years of experience coaching athletes of all ages and levels. Needless to say, you’ll find yourself in no better hands than ours.


As if Saddler’s extensive athletic background is not enough, she also has an illustrious academic background. Having acquired a Master of Science in Psychology with a specialization in Sport Psychology, Angel Saddler is more than qualified to guide you on your athletic journey.


Craft Your Custom Training Program Today


Basketball is a sport that requires both mental and physical fortitude. In fact, many would argue it is just as much of a psychological game as a physical one.


Is it time to add mental training to your basketball regimen? Together, we will strengthen your game in ways you never thought possible.

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